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LED screen thermal design method

2018-05-24 07:58:57 mf_bjjs 89

The heat exchange area between the heat-generating electronic components and the cool air, and the temperature difference between the heat-generating electronic components and the cool air directly affect the heat dissipation effect. This involves the design of the air volume entering the led display cabinet and the design of the air duct. When designing ventilation ducts, direct ducts should be used to transport air, avoiding sharp turning and curved ducts. Ventilation ducts should avoid sudden expansion or sudden contraction. The expansion angle should not exceed 20°, and the taper angle should not exceed 60°. Ventilation ducts should be sealed as far as possible and all laps should follow the flow direction.

When designing led display cabinets, there are a few things to note:

Vents should be located near the top of the cabinet. The air intake hole should be set on the underside of the box, but not so low as to prevent dirt and water from entering the box body installed on the floor.

Natural convection should be designed to help force convection. The air should be circulated from below the tank and a dedicated inlet or exhaust hole should be used. Cooling air should be allowed to flow through the heat-generating electronic components while preventing a short circuit in the airflow. Air inlets and outlets must be provided with a filter to prevent debris from entering the cabinet.

The design must ensure that the air inlet and exhaust port are far away. Avoid using reusing cooling air.

To ensure that the radiator slot direction is parallel to the wind direction, the radiator slot cannot block the air path.

Fans are installed in the system. Due to structural limitations, the air intake and air outlets are often subjected to various barriers, and their performance curves may change. According to practical experience, the inlet and outlet of the fan is preferably at a distance of 40 mm from the barrier, and if there is a space limitation, it should be at least 20 mm.